It is important that the regular maintenance of your devices in your laboratory and the correct result of your fault detection analyzes. Your laboratory equipment must be serviced accurately, quickly and reliably.

You can contact us for our technical services related to the maintenance and repair of your devices in your laboratory.

Phone: +90 232 367 26 62 – +90 232 383 01 08
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Some examples of the laboratory devices we provide technical support;

pH meter, Precision Balance, Fume Hood, Heating Magnetic Stirrer, Heating Mantle, Vacuum Pump, Ultrasonic Homogenizator, Autoclav, Incubator, Laminar Air Flow, Water Bath, Air Flow Fluid Bath Dryer, Milk Analyzer, Refractometer, SunDigest Incubator, SunCollect System Micro and Nano fraction collection, Pippet, Pippetor, Bottle-top dispensers, Bottle-top aspiratör, Ultra püre water purification, Bottle-top Burette, infrared temperature meter, DFA Moisture tester, Multiparameter, Oximeter – Respirometer, Liquid Nitrogene Tank, Biological oxigen Demand (BOD), BOD incubator, Overhead Stirrer, Circulator, thermostat, Chiller, Deep Freeze, Freeze Dryer, Nittogen Protein Determination Kjeldahl, Block Heater, Spectrophotometer, photometer, Polarimeter, Micro plaka Reader, Elisa Reader, Turbidimeter, Furnaces, Oven, Centrifuge, Gerber Centrifuge, Microscope, Stereo Microscope, Microwave Digestion, Humidity moisture equipment, Density meter, Electrophoresis, Electrophoresis power supply, Flame photometer, Gloss meter, Thermoreactor, Thermal cycler, Waring Blender, Datalogger, Heating Plate, Aw meter, Water activity meter, Peristaltic pump, Titrator, Calorimeter, Colorimeter, Composite water sampler, Flash point equipments, Compresor, Panel Type Sensor, Load cell, Vibration meter, Constant pressure unit, Vacuummeter, Cold Light Source, Chlorophlymeter, Sieve Shaker, Tintometer, Turbomelecular vacuum pump, Infrared Loop Sterilizer, CO2 ıncubator, Shaker, Vortex, Rotary evaparator, High Pressure heating cell, UV Transilluminator, UL Lamb, Flake Ice Machine, Stomacher, Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer, Safety storage cabinets, Chemical stroge cabinets, Tensionmeter, Soilmoisture meter, Gamma High Voltage device, Ultrasonic homogenizator, Ultrasonic water bath, Ultrasonic generator, Oxigene concentrator…